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The remarkable story of Biblical tekhelet, the wildly popular and precious blue dye worn by the Kohen Gadol and affixed to the tzitztit of the common Jew in antiquity, and lost to the world nearly 1,300 years ago. The exciting tale of its rediscovery seamlessly weaves together Torah and science, scholarly research and adventure, and a host of larger than life personalities, culminating in the revival of the ancient mitzvah of tekhelet b’tzitzit. More details

The Rarest Blue

This collection of essays is the result of research spanning more than a decade, motivated by nothing more than the desire to reach a clear understanding of the issues surrounding the rediscovery of tekhelet through the Murex trunculus. More details

Threads of Reason

R. Eliyahu Tavger’s comprehensive investigation into tzitzit and tekhelet. (Hebrew) More details

Kelil Tekhelet

לבוש הארון is an in-depth ספר on the subject of תכלת covering its what is required for Kosher Techeiles, the history of Techeiles, and most common questions on the subject.
♦ The requirements for Kosher Techeiles.
♦ Numerous proofs that the Murex dye is the same Techeiles of the Torah.
♦ The most common arguments regarding the Murex Techeiles.
  More details

Levush HaAron

Litom MeHashamayim is the Hebrew translation of Baruch and Judy Sterman’s award winning book “The Rarest Blue.” Published by Yediot press and translated by Tsur Erlich. More details

Litom Mehashamayim

R. Shlomo Teitelbaum’s in-depth analysis of tekhelet. (Hebrew) More details

Lulaot Hatekhelet

R. Yehuda Rock’s work dealing with various issues surrounding tekhelet. (Hebrew) More details

Eved Hamelech

A complete chemistry kit including Murex snail powder, necessary chemicals, wool tufts and instructions to produce real tekhelet dye. More details

Dye In A Box

A slim, full-color poster suitable for display at home, school or office.
Dimensions: 98.5cm x 21.8 cm. More details

Timeline Poster