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This collection of essays is the result of research spanning more than a decade, motivated by nothing more than the desire to reach a clear understanding of the issues surrounding the rediscovery of tekhelet through the Murex trunculus. More details

Threads of Reason

לבוש הארון is an in-depth ספר on the subject of תכלת covering its what is required for Kosher Techeiles, the history of Techeiles, and most common questions on the subject.
♦ The requirements for Kosher Techeiles.
♦ Numerous proofs that the Murex dye is the same Techeiles of the Torah.
♦ The most common arguments regarding the Murex Techeiles.
  More details

Levush HaAron

R. Yehuda Rock’s work dealing with various issues surrounding tekhelet. (Hebrew) More details

Eved Hamelech

A slim, full-color poster suitable for display at home, school or office.
Dimensions: 98.5cm x 21.8 cm. More details

Timeline Poster